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3D VIDEO: One Hour Waterfall Relaxation #3

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Select your type of 3D glasses and switch to 1080p for best 3D quality! ENJOY!
© by 3D-Taeuber, for business-enquiries contact me by email, or buy my videos here : http://bit.ly/2gnbVW8
In order to keep this channel alive I really have to make some money, so you have to understand - I can't allow free usage of my videos!

1 hour relaxing, have a good time!

Nature in FULL-HD and 3D for all known types of 3D-Glasses.
Lean back and re-charge your batteries, for all you people that have not got the time to go out into real nature, have fun and enjoy! :)

LOCATION: a little creek that flows into the river danube in Bavaria / Germany

Теги: 3d, video

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